Summer on the Go

August 11, 2012

Since our first commercial trip on the Middle Fork Salmon on June 16th, I have been on the go!  I started the season off right with a few great Middle Fork trips in a row.  We have been having a busy season in Idaho and Montana.

After working three really fun Middle Fork trips it was time to head north for the grand Upper Alsek.  The Alsek is a place of true wilderness and adventure!  There are very few places that still have that wild feel that make you feel as small and insignificant as a piece of sand blowing in the wind.  We had a small group on the Alsek this year, but the trip could not have been more perfect.  We had a few windy days, but other than that the weather was unbeatable!  To not have to wear your rain gear until the last day of the trip is pretty unusual for a 12-day trip in Canada and Alaska.  I took tons of photos and video on the trip and can’t wait to share them when things start to slow down this fall.  I have only had short windows of time, just enough to empty my camera card to the hard drive in between trips.  Editing an Alsek video is in order as soon as the season is over.

After returning from the north, it was right back onto the Middle Fork Salmon.  I did two quick back to back trips and the trailer is packed for another.  This time it is a Middle Main Combo trip for myself, looking forward to spending 11-days in the Idaho wilderness.  The last few 6-day trips have been great, but looking forward to a longer trip this round.

Iris has been trying to help post some of my photos on the WRO Flickr gallery as well as the WRO facebook page.  If you are looking for photos of your trip and they are not up yet, sorry for the delay, but computer time has been very limited the last two months.

Hope you enjoyed a few of the photos I have taken this season so far.  Many more to come when I get a little more time.  That’s all for now!

~Seth Tonsmeire