Winter Yurt Skiing

WRO is excited to offer two backcountry yurt lodging options off the backside of Lost Trail Ski Area: the Stateline Yurt and Ridgeline Yurts. Both yurt sites offer a unique and affordable winter lodging experience for everyone, from those just learning the basics of touring to experienced backcountry skiers looking to get after it. Searching for a family-friendly ski adventure? Don’t have touring gear but want the winter lodging experience of a backcountry yurt? We’ve got you covered.

Below, we’ve outlined the basic differences between the two yurt sites so you can decide which makes sense for you and your group. From there, you can visit the yurt-specific page for more details and information on booking your stay.


  • Two Yurts
  • Accommodates Larger Groups (up to 12 people)
  • Easier Access (shorter ski-in)
  • If Chair 4 is closed, touring is required or you are required to hire the LT snowcat
  • Touring gear is always recommend in case of lift closures or breakdowns.
  • Family-friendly
  • Ski-in Ski-Out On Mountain Lodging when chair 4 is running
  • Six Person Minimum
  • Dinner and Breakfast package available upon request

The Ridgeline Yurts are the closer of the two yurt sites, located just a half mile from the ski area boundary. This closer proximity, along with the fact that the site has two yurts and 12 beds, makes the Ridgeline a good choice both for families and groups too large for the Stateline Yurt to accommodate. Those traveling with kids will appreciate the short ski-in distance over fairly flat terrain. When Chair 4 is running the Ridgeline is also a great option for people who may not have backcountry touring gear or those who are not comfortable traveling as far in the winter backcountry. Besides the skiers who want to ride the lifts at Lost Trail during the day there are also nice backcountry touring options as well. With two yurts and the capability to accommodate larger groups, we have set a minimum of six people to reserve the Ridgeline Yurts.


  • One Yurt
  •  More Backcountry Skiing Specific
  • Smaller Groups (up to six people)
  • Requires Backcountry Touring Gear
  • Four Person Minimum (or at least pay for four)
  • Easier Access to further Ski Zones from Lost Trail
  •  Cheaper Pricing

The Stateline Yurt is more setup for the backcountry ski crowd. Located just over a mile from the ski area boundary, this site provides a jumping-off point for exploring the high-quality terrain that exists beyond Saddle Mountain. From the Stateline, it becomes much easier to reach ski zones that might otherwise be too far for a day mission. Depending on conditions, you can usually traverse the first mile or so to the Stateline Yurt, while the last stretch will require skins. The one yurt at this site sleeps four comfortably, and up to six. With a four-person minimum, this is a slightly cheaper option than the Ridgeline. It becomes a little more expensive for just two people, but you can pay the four-person minimum and reserve the yurt for two people. The Stateline is one of the only backcountry ski yurts that can be reserved for just a couple’s adventure.