River Equipment Rentals

WRO Hardshell Kayak Rentals

To ease the hassle of traveling with a kayak, or maybe you're looking to try out a new boat, WRO has a large fleet of kayaks available for rent, ranging both in boat style and paddler size. If on a guided WRO trip, we provide the boat, float bags, and a spare paddle, but ask that paddlers provide other personal gear. 

Kayaker required personal gear:

  • Paddle
  • Helmet
  • PFD
  • Spray skirt (double check kayak rental deck size)
  • Dry top/ drysuit/ paddle jacket

*Optional personal throw bag/ rescue gear/ personal first aid. If on a WRO guided trip, WRO carries all of these items.

If not previously reserved for one of our guests, our rental fleet is available to those needing to rent a boat for trips outside of WRO.

Boats are first come, first serve. We are in the process of creating an online reservation system, but at the moment are accepting requests online or via phone. Please contact our office or Seth directly (406.579.8677) to discuss the style and size of boat you are interested in, the river you are intending on running, paddling experience, and trip length and date.

Hardshell Kayak Inventory

River Runners / Creek Boats:
  • Pyranha Scorch (M, L) 
  • Pyranha Burn III (M, L)
  • Pyranha 9R I
  • Pyranha 9R II
  • Pyranha Machno (M)
  • Liquid Logic Remix 69
  • Liquid Logic Jefe
  • Dagger Mamba (M, L)
  • Dagger Nomad (M)
  • Dagger CFS 7.8
  • Jackson Zen (L)
  • Jackson Zen 3.0 (S, M, L)
  • Jackson Nirvana (M)
  • Jackson Hero
  • Jackson Super Hero
  • Waka Tuna II
Half Slice:
  • Pyranha Ripper (S, M)
  • Jackson Antix (S) 
  • Pyranha Ozone (M)
  • Jackson Rockstar V (M)
  • Wavesport Project 52

WRO Raft Rentals

We have a variety of 12-18 foot NRS and Hyside rafts, oars, raft paddles, frames, coolers, and dry boxes available for rent. We do not currently offer food packing services, but recommend Salmon River Food Packs for a great local option. Our rental supply is limited, and is available upon a first-come-first-serve basis. We are in the process of creating an online reservation system, but at the moment are accepting requests via our contact form or by calling the office. Please be sure to specify gear needed, desired dates, number of rental days, and river your trip will be on.

We currently only operate on the Main and Middle Fork Salmon for our raft rental services.