Middle Fork June 25, 2012

August 27, 2012

A note from Iris in the office:

On June 25th I had the opportunity to get out of the office for a week and go on my first commercial river trip with Wilderness River Outfitters.  We launched at Boundary Creek with a group of 5 guests (including myself) and 4 guides.  For the guests Tom, Leeanne, Luke and Jen this was their first Middle Fork Trip.  Tom and Leeanne both came on the trip alone, but we all quickly became friends.

Ryan Casey with Luke and Jen.  Photo: Seth Tonsmeire

The morning of the 27th Tony Smith, our 5th guide, and Tommy Harrell’s group of 9 guys flew into Thomas Creek to join us.  What a great group of guys…the four girls on the trip referred to them as “True Southern Gentlemen from Louisiana.”  Tommy Harrell has been a long time customer of Wilderness River Outfitters and has gone on many of their river trips over the years.  Dicky had also been on trips with WRO.  The rest of their friends they recruited for their first trip with WRO.  After a quick introduction with the new members of our group we were back on the river.

Tony leading the paddle boat.  Photo: Seth Tonsmeire

Pepper with Matt and Jason.  Photo: Seth Tonsmeire

For the next four days we enjoyed getting to know each other, many laughs, and sunny weather.  The water was at a great level and the splashes were refreshing.

We took several hikes to a hotsprings, an old mine, some Native American pictographs, and several beautiful waterfalls.  We had the pleasure of learning about Uncle Earl’s Hog Dog Trials in Winnfield, LA from the President himself (Matt)…This was fascinating to us Idahoans who had never heard of such a thing.  Seth led a hike from the Grassy 1 campsite to the top of a hill behind the campsite that gave us an amazing view of the river in both directions.

Louisiana Crew on the Grassy Hike  Photo: Seth Tonsmeire

Group at Cradle.  Photo: Seth Tonsmeire

We celebrated the last evening with a boat party at Cradle.  Most people braved the cold water and jumped in for a quick swim. With great people it truly was the best way to spend the last week of June, which also happened to be the first week of summer!  We hope you all can join us for another trip!

 The Group on the Last Day.  Photo: Seth Tonsmeire

More photos from this trip can be viewed on the WRO Flickr Gallery.   If you would like to download any of the photos, that can be done from Flickr as well.  If you are a member of Yahoo, you can even order prints from Flickr.  Enjoy!  Some of the best pictures from the trip will also be on our facebook.  Feel free to share with your friends!

Iris Conrad