Meet Adrienne, the new office boss!

March 23, 2020

We are excited to bring Adrienne Rigsby on as the new WRO office manager! If you call to book a trip or ask about a river, you’ll be speaking with Adrienne. She’ll be helping manage reservations for the upcoming season. 

Adrienne Rigsby, originally from Indiana, had a fulfilling career as a zookeeper caring for creatures ranging from giraffes to ball pythons. Her passion for animals carries into domestic species as well, and she has worked and volunteered for animal shelters and wildlife rehabilitation sanctuaries wherever she can. While residing in the midwest, she longed for the mountains after a visit to the Rockies on a road trip with her best friend at the age of 18. They were awestruck with the endless peaks and rivers beyond the great plains. 

Adrienne discovered the Gauley River in West Virginia in 2001, and traveled there every year for whitewater rafting, rock climbing, and romping through the mountains. She met her now-husband in the canopy of the West Virginia rainforest, where he was her zipline and whitewater guide. They moved west in 2010, fulfilling her quest to live in the mountains, and found that “working” where people “vacation” is truly living the dream! 

Since moving out west, Adrienne has loved exploring a range of seasonal job opportunities, dividing her summers and winters between Colorado, Utah, Hawaii, and Wyoming. She learned to ski while working at several ski areas, and her summer free time is enjoyed on the river, or biking and running in nearby canyons. Every day she finds herself grateful to be surrounded by the peacefulness and natural wonders of the west.

In 2019, Adrienne and her husband Matt (and their old hound Eddy) purchased Kookabura, a day rafting and fishing outfitting company based in Salmon, ID. As of spring 2020, WRO is moving the office to a new property in Salmon, where we will be sharing an office space with Kookabura. The new setup will allow Adrienne to concurrently manage the WRO office and her own company as she and Matt grow their new business. Adrienne is thriving on every moment while living and adventuring in Idaho!