Main Salmon in August

September 4, 2011

Anika, Mac, and Ron in 5-mile Rapid.  photo:  Seth Tonsmeire

The Main Salmon is such a great place to be in August!  The water has warmed up to a great swimming temperature.  It is still very refreshing, but on a hot summer day it is just the ticket.  The beaches make for easy camping and it’s just a great river trip for the whole family!

Some of the group relaxing at Lower Bull camp.  photo:  Seth Tonsmeire

Billy showing everyone how to rappel!  photo:  Kelly Rinck

On August 1st we had a great group, a mix of families and adults.  The group started with Mac Thornton and his family of four.  Mac had joined us on a Middle Owyhee trip a few years back as a kayaker and decided to bring his family back for a Main Salmon this summer.  Mac’s brother Larry joined the party as well.  After everyone invited a few friends and Mac invited another family, we were quickly up to 16 people on the trip!  Everyone did not know each other previous to the trip, but everyone did have some connection with the rest of the group.  It turned out to be a really fun group!

Kelly and crew all smiles in 5-mile rapid!  photo:  Seth Tonsmeire

In this group there were some outstanding kayakers!  Jumping right into the inflatable kayaks, and doing very well at it.  There were definitely of few people that joined the Salmon River swim team that week, but that will happen.  Also it’s part of the fun!  The kayaks are the craft of “high adventure” and are often a quick favorite for those looking for a little extra excitement.  The kayaks were definitely a highlight for this group!  Larry  got in a “little excitement” on the second day with Alder Creek rapid (featured in the sequence below).  Other highlights for the group were hiking, rappelling, the hot springs, historical sites, the paddle boat, campfire time, and just spending family time and visiting with old friends!

Larry demonstrating the kayak flip!  photo:  Seth Tonsmeire

Bill just “calm and collected” in the ducky!  photo:  Seth Tonsmeire

Dade running Black Canyon, probably the biggest rapid of the trip.  Well done!  Black Canyon rapid was formed in the early spring months this year.  Bringing a little spice to the Main Salmon!  photo:  Seth Tonsmeire

There are more photos from this trip on the WRO Flickr gallery, as well as a few on the facebook page.  I also put together a short video from some of the GoPro footage.  The video is in HD, so remember to give it time to load.  Andre takes the cake with the best shot in the video!  Watch him take a wave to the face in slow motion.  The expression on his face made me laugh every time when editing the video.  Enjoy!


If the video is not playing smoothly, change 720p to lower resolution or give it time to load.

Thats all for now, but more to come!

~Seth Tonsmeire