July in Idaho!!!

August 21, 2011

Jack Creek Rapid  photo:  Seth Tonsmeire

The great water of 2011 continued to hold throughout the month of July and into August.  There is no better place to be in July than out on an Idaho river!  I have been on the river for a couple weeks strait, and I got a little behind with photos and video, but I am starting to catch up now.

Pistol Rapid  photo:  Seth Tonsmeire

For our July 19th date the water was still great for all the rapids, but had also slowed down enough to significantly help out the fishing.  Great whitewater, fishing, hot springs, hiking, relaxing around camp, inflatable kayaking, paddle boating, beautiful waterfalls, and just being out in the wilderness with friends and family made this a great trip for everyone!

Big splash in Marble for Anika.  photo:  Seth Tonsmeire

We had a great bunch of people this week!  A mix group from all over.  David Bohm brought his two sons Joe and Eric.  The Bohm crew has been on multiple trips with WRO and are always great to have back.  Many fish were caught at the hands of this family.  Mimi and daughter Rebecca, also part of the Bohm group were really fun the have along.  Mimi was great in the inflatable kayak!   Rebecca was a strong player in the paddle boat as well as the kayaks, and always had a smile on her face! Big Cal, Jeff, and Meghan brought a lot of great river experience to the trip and were a true pleasure to have along.  Jeff playing the guitar around camp was awesome.  Paul and Anthony were great to have along as well.  Anthony kept Henry challenged with evening chess matches throughout the trip.  Ted and Trillis were a couple of Idaho locals from Challis that joined us for this one.  Ted said the Middle Fork was on his list for 28 years and was super excited to finally get it checked off.  At the end of the six days Ted was ready to continue on down the Main Salmon on an 11-day trip!

First night chess battle Anthony vs Henry, turn into a daily routine.  photo:  Seth Tonsmeire

Hikers with their yoga pose.  photo:  Seth Tonsmeire

Paddle Boat in Tappan Falls!  photo:  Seth Tonsmeire

Big Cal with a thumb up for Cove Creek Rapid  photo:  Seth Tonsmeire

Hope you enjoyed some of the photos from this great trip!  There are many more photos that can be seen on our Flickr gallery.  There is also a WRO facebook gallery with photos from this trip as well.  Below is a short video I put together from some GoPro action footage Henry and myself took throughout the trip.  Enjoy!


Give the video time to load if you want HD, otherwise click 720p and chose a lower resolution.  Also you can double click the video to watch directly on Youtube if it is not playing on the website for some reason.

More photos and videos coming soon from other summer trips.

~Seth Tonsmeire