2012 ~ 40 Year Anniversery

March 26, 2012

40 years in Business in 2012! The years do slip by. Forty years ago we were just getting our rafting business going…acquired the last Main Salmon permit issued by the Salmon Forest Service, purchased Green River rafts which were the top of the line back then and started the search for more wild rivers in the West. The WRO guides were all Tonsmeires (picture below) who migrated to Idaho from guiding on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Things have changed a bit over the years; we have lighter more maneuverable rafts that are self-bailing, waterproof everything, comfortable lifejackets, and better-designed tents and sleeping bags. Not to mention the gortex and polypropylene clothing. It’s made camping and rafting cushy.
Tonsmeire Brothers:  The Original Crew

Tonsmeire Brothers: The Original Crew

The one thing that hasn’t changed is our dedication to making your experience safe and adventurous. We believe a quality wilderness experience is one in which you interact intimately with the natural environment on wild rivers and in their beautiful canyons. We have remained committed to running small, spontaneous trips that make you feel young again. To find beauty in the ridiculously simple. To forget about deadlines and telephones. To gaze at the stars, soak in a hot springs, run fun rapids, enjoy campfire meals and forget about time. To feel like you’re with friends. These are the types of experiences we like to send our new friends home with.

Paddle Boating on the Salmon River in the 70's River Rafting on the Salmon River in the 70's Thanks to all of you who have contributed to these memorable years. -Fran Tonsmeire