Kids Love the River

December 13, 2013

Being a river guide, you watch kids enjoying their summer vacation time on the river.  The best part is watching kids transform over the course of a six-day trip.  Sometimes they are a little unsure about the whole thing, talking about how they wish they had their iPod or the video games they play at home.  I think taking that distraction and addictions away from kids for a weeklong trip is really healthy for kids and families alike.  You watch them just enjoying themselves in the outdoors, quickly letting go of all that other stuff.  Instead of having their minds glued to electronic screens or video games they are out trying to skip rocks, maybe giving fly fishing a go, swimming in the river, building little sand castles or maybe joining in a game of bocce ball.  Campsites on the river have endless opportunities to entertain kids, there are not many 2.4 million acre playgrounds out there! Unfortunately, so many kids these days do not get to experience the outdoors, but when they do they realize they love it!  Taking a child on a river trip or camping trip into the outdoors are memories they will never forget.  So make your next family vacation count, unplug the family for some quality time together!  There is no better place to experience family fun than on the river, so make your next vacation destination the Middle Fork or Main Salmon River



Goalpost Rapid! Grandma and grandson all smilies after the rapid…

~Seth Tonsmeire