Best-kept secrets of Glacier Bay National Park

June 3, 2015

Glacier Bay National Park is one of Alaska’s most impressive places with giant mountains, river and glaciers!  Glacier bay is visited by thousands of people each year on cruise ships, but for those who decide to visit Glacier Bay on a rafting trip down the Alsek River, there are incredible opportunities that very few get to experience. Walker Glacier Alsek River Glacier Bay National Park was established as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979 and encompasses 3.3 million acres.  Of course, what really makes the park impressive is its natural beauty and the amazing things you’ll see on a trip through it.  On a rafting trip on the Alsek River you cross into Alaska and Glacier Bay National Park for the last four or five days of the trip.Alsek River Alsek Lake – The Alsek River empties into Alsek Lake near the end of both the Alsek and Tatshenshini river trips. Travelers on the river are greeted with a breathtaking, majestic view of the mountains, the Alsek Glacier and the Grand Plateau Glacier both coming into Alsek Lake on the horizon.  Often the last two nights of the trip are spent camping on the shore of Gateway Knob looking out over Alsek Lake.  Weather permitting, we row around the giant icebergs floating in the lake on the layover day.  There is also a nice hike to the top of Gateway Knob, which on a clear day, provides an all time vista overlooking the lake! Meeting of mountain ranges – One of the most impressive sights of Alsek Lake and Glacier Bay National Park is the convergence of the Barbazon Range and the Fairweather Range. On a clear day, the Fairweather Range sets the backdrop of the lake, a breathtaking sight to behold no matter how many times you see it.  Mt Fairweather is one of the tallest coastal mountains in the world towering 15,300 feet and completely snowcapped above Alsek lake, which is close to sea level. Nose Hike Alsek River Animal haven – Glacier Bay National Park is also an important wildlife preserve, which means your time spent in the area could include seeing grizzly bears, moose, wolves, eagles and a variety of other animals. Occasionally visitors are greeted by the sights of brown bears roaming around the lake, or eagles feeding on a freshly caught salmon. Glacier walks – One of the most popular side activities on a rafting trip on the Alsek River is the opportunity to hike on Walker Glacier. Walking on the glacier provides impressive views looking up at glacial seracs and down into crevasses. A glacier walk is an unforgettable experience offering up close and personal views of Walker Glacier, as well as surrounding mountains.  Glaciers are thousands of years old and are what remains the earlier giants that carved these valleys, providing an interesting step back in time. Walker Glacier Glacier Bay National Park Of course, these are only a few of the sights you’ll see on an Alsek or Tatshenshini River rafting expedition.  Adventurers will spend the last couple days of these trips in Alaska, but visiting many another amazing place first as the rivers wind through Yukon Territory and British Columbia in Canada.  From incredible hiking and wilderness camping to big volume whitewater rafting, these trips are truly an expedition of a lifetime! Tatshenshini Eagles Perch Camp Contact us today to learn more about our rafting adventures in Canada and Alaska for 2015.  (800)252-6581 2015 Specials! Alsek River upper half July 12th – July 19th 8-day $2,500 After the first eight days fly out with the helicopter at Turnback Canyon portage. Lower Alsek July 19th – July 23rd 5-day $1,600 Take a tour of the upper Alsek in the helicopter, then float 5 days through British Columbia and Alaska! *two person minimum for upper or lower trips and 5 person maximum for helicopter exchange. Alsek Full Trip Special July 12th – 23rd 12-day $3700 Tatshenshini 11-day special July 30th – August 9th $3225