Beach Vacation on the River

February 28, 2016

A rafting trip down the Salmon River, also known as the River of No Return, is the perfect combination adventure and beach vacation.  You have the warm, but refreshing water to swim in during the summer months and the sandy beaches, which make for perfect campsites along the river’s edge.  The beaches make for easy access to the water when you need a swim.  You can also put a camp chair in the sand and sit at water level for a refreshing beverage in the late afternoon or evening, enjoy the beach and take in the wilderness landscape.
Beach Vacation

Relaxing on the beach Photo: Seth Tonsmeire

  During the day you have several choices for adventure levels.  You can ride on an oar boat, kick back and let the guide do all the work and enjoy the view with a little cool down splash every once in a while.  Jump on the paddle boat, this is a fun option too as you can be part of the team and stay active.  There is a guide in the paddle boat, steering the boat and giving direction to the paddle crew, it’s the perfect medium adventure ride!  The paddle boat does not carry much gear, so it gets a better ride in the waves.  Or choose to get up close and personal with the river in an inflatable kayak.  Expert guides give you instructions and advice for kayaking and the best routes in the more challenging rapids, but you are your own captain!  The best part about a six-day trip is you can swap around and try all the different boating options.  Some days are super mellow if you want to try a kayak, but are not sure about the rapids and other days provide excitement for the thrill seekers with fun class III and IV rapids.  We also bring along paddle boards.  The paddle boards are mostly used around camp.  The eddies along the beaches provide the perfect afternoon/evening laps on the paddle board.  For people with previous experience with SUP boarding, you can challenge yourself in some of the mellow rapids along the way.
Vinegar Rapid Salmon River

Vinegar Rapid, Salmon River Photo: PJ Moran

The Salmon River runs through the 2.4 million acre Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness!  Take the stunning beaches combined with a splash of adventure on a six-day trip, and you have the family adventure of a lifetime.  The Salmon River is a whitewater classic!  Sometimes it is overshadowed by the famous Middle Fork Salmon, but it is no lesser of a trip and can be a better family trip.  Let your family unplug in the wilderness from the technology world we live in and re-connect for quality family time on the river!
Salmon River Paddleboarding

SUPing on the Salmon Photo: PJ Moran

Salmon River Beach

Camping on the beach Photo: Erik Boomer

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