2013 Photo and Video Highlights

September 5, 2013

The 2013 season is now winding down.  That means spending more time behind the computer instead of the oars.  Although that is never an easy transition, it does allow for time to sort the many gigabytes of summer footage now stored on my hard drives.  Over the next serval months, we will have new videos showing up on our youtube channel and facebook page.  Make sure to stay connected to enjoy the updates and relive highlights of the summer.  I figured I would start with a few random photos from this season and a video from a trip back in June.

Salmon River Refections

A mellow section on the Salmon River below the South Fork.

Middle Fork Salmon Kayaker

The Middle Fork is great for hard shell kayaking, especially in June and early July!

Impassable Canyon Middle Fork Salmon

The view of the river from Cradle Campsite in the Impassable Canyon, Middle Fork Salmon.

Idaho Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn sheep with their lambs are often seen along the banks of the Middle Fork and Main Salmon Rivers.

Hancock Rapid Middle Fork Salmon

The paddle boat and inflatable kayaks are a good way to stay active on a river trip, and depending on the day it can also be very exciting!

Salmon River Campfire

After a fun day on the river, the campfire is a great place to share stories of the day.

Cliffside Rapid Middle Fork Salmon

Guide, Gary Power runs his raft through Cliffside Rapid in the afternoon sun.

Middle Fork Salmon Waterfall Cave

The river offers many secret spots to explore on your river adventure.

Idaho Bald Eagle

We saw an incredible amount of Bald Eagles this year on the Main Salmon!