We are excited to offer two different backcountry yurt lodging options off the backside of Lost Trail Ski Area, the Stateline Yurt and Ridgeline Yurts.  Both are similar yurt lodging, but below we have outlined some of the main differences.

The Ridgeline Yurts are the closer options and is located near the ski area boundary.  At this site there are two yurts sitting on one platform. This is a great option for people who may not have backcountry touring gear or are not comfortable traveling as far in the winter backcountry.  With two yurts this option can also accommodate larger groups and can sleep up to 12 people.  The Ridgeline is also more family friendly with the shorter travel distance as an option for kids. The Ridgeline can be an option for people wanting to ride the lifts at Lost Trail during the day (when chair 4 is running) or enjoy some backcountry touring.  With two yurts and being able to accommodate larger groups, we have set a minimum of six people to reserve the Ridgeline Yurts.

Ridgeline Yurts

  • Two Yurts
  • Accommodates Larger Groups (up to 12 people)
  • Easier Access (more family friendly and doesn’t require touring gear)
  • Ski in Ski Out On Mountain Lodging when chair 4 is running
  • Six Person Minimum

The Stateline Yurt is more setup more the backcountry ski crowd.  Traveling to the Stateline is just over a mile from the ski area boundary. Depending on conditions, you can usually traverse most of the way and then it requires skins to travel the last 1/4 mile to the hut.  From the Stateline it’s easier to reach ski zones from that might otherwise be a little far for a day mission. There is a lot of great terrain beyond Saddle Mountain, that unless you are at the yurt rarely gets skied. The Stateline has one yurt instead of two, so is more ideal for smaller groups. It sleeps four comfortably, but can sleep up to six people.  This location has a four person minimum so it is a little cheaper option compared to the Ridgeline.  It becomes a little more expensive for just two people, but you can pay the four person minimum and reserve the yurt for just a couple. The Stateline Yurt is probably one of the few places you can reserve a backcountry ski yurt for just a couples adventure.

The Stateline Yurt

  • One Yurt
  • More Backcountry Skiing Specific
  • Smaller Groups (up to six people)
  • Requires Backcountry Touring Gear
  • Four Person Minimum (or at least pay for four)
  • Easier Access to further Ski Zones from Lost Trail
  • Cheaper Pricing