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Pepper Tonsmeire

Pepper was one of the orginal guides at WRO in the early 70’s!  He has plenty of good stories about how things use to be in the good old days.  Pepper left river guiding in the 80’s and moved to the bay islands of Honduras to run a dive resort on Barbareta.  He lived the island life for 26 years, which has also left him with many great tales of adventure from running off thieves on the island to general day to day life in central America.  Afer moving back to the states ten years ago, Pepper has traveled extensively in Central America, South America, and Southeast Asia.  Pepper has been spending more and more time in Idaho the past few years and he started guiding a few trips here and there and decided he likes spending more time on the river.  Now after 40+ years and the Tonsmeire family still running WRO, we are happy to have Pepper back on the WRO guide roster!  Pepper guides on both the Middle Fork and Main Salmon.